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Galvanized steel trailers because who has time for painting?

Sandblasting, touching up and painting your rusty trailer...

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Kerr Trailers has designed a container chassis for light transport.

Kerr Trailers has designed a container chassis trailer to transport sea containers

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Tag-along Sliding axle series

Kerr Trailers now offers it's ST series with sliding axles with a Tag-along towing attachment.

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Sliding axle trailers to move sea containers

Kerr Trailers has developed a new option that converts a Sliding axle trailer into a sea container hauler.

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Safe trailers and NATM compliance

As long as there are vehicles on the road, accidents will likely occur. Requiring that manufacturing standards and federal safety regulations be met by vehicle manufacturers helps to avoid accidents caused by mechanical failures. The same holds true for trailers. Every time a trailer is involved in an accident, the trailer industry gets tarnished, especially if this trailer was not manufactured in accordance with federal safety regulations.

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New commercial vehicule definition

A new legal definition of commercial vehicle comes into effect as of January 1st 2011 in Québec.

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Need to know information about trailer cargo tie downs

January 1, 2011 is d-day. As the owner or operator of a trailer that is used to carry cargo in Canada or in the United States you will need to secure your cargo to your trailer using tie downs that are rated and marked with the manufacturers working load limit.

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